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In the series about sleeping, you will learn how to optimize your sleep and functioning during the day, how to deal with insomnia and how sleep affects our body and psyche.

Daily Management - Season 1

Klaus Lyck Petersen with 20 years of experience in Lean Management, proves what behaviour a middle-level manager must incorporate into his leadership style, especially at the level of everyday habits, in order to effectively support the transformation of his organization. Additionally, Klaus suggests what necessary tools will help leaders develop their teams and achieve better results.

Effective sales teams

How to create a reliable sales department? Radosław Żemło, step by step, explains the stages of building a sales department, recruiting employees, communication, setting goals and motivating salespeople to achieve above-average results.

The Basics of Design Thinking - Season 2

Is Design Thinking a new, useless tool? Edyta Paul shows us how to use Design Thinking to create the best solutions for the client. Thanks to the practical knowledge of the author, leaders can create appropriate teams, plan the stages of development, try prototyping, test the idea and implement innovative solutions successfully.

Kanban Basics

Kanban has many meanings which often leads to confusion. How can it help in the organization of work and in improving how the organization works? Radosław Orszewski, thanks to his experience, provides practical tips that Kanban used in productive and intangible work has common roots, but requires a different approach. Failure to understand this can lead to great risks.

Problem Solving in Teams - Season 1

Problem Solving is a unique set of methods and tools that will allow the leader to identify and solve the most pressing problems. Thanks to this course, everyone will be able to: set up a Problem Solving Group, brainstorm, choose the best problem-solving tools (PVA Matrix, Cadbury method, Philips 623, P-S matrix, FTA, FMEA, Problem Solving Systems). Additionally, thanks to the chosen method, it will create 72 potential solutions to the problem in 18 minutes.

Lean Strategy - Season 2

Radek Drzewiecki's Lean Strategy is based on an understanding of the problem, i.e. the elimination of the great 5 business pathologies defined by Leanpassion, which destroy the organization from the inside. What are business pathologies? How to recognize them? How to build a great company and have happy employees? How to solve a problem with 5 steps of the lean strategy? After this course, each leader will be able to adequately support the organization in its transformation.

Flow Stability Tools

Reportedly, there is no such organisation where one could find enough space for goods, raw materials and work in process, there is no such desk that could fit everything that is necessary. What if... panta rhei. Check how much flow stability tools can change.

Remote B2B Sales - Season 1

Learn how to effectively sell remotely. Gain necessary competencies and explore the tools needed for remote B2B sales.

The Impact of New Tech

What are the most important new technologies and why you should learn about them and how to use them? It is impossible for a modern manager to not know what the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, 3D printing, Autonomous cars, sensors, robots or biotechnology are all about. All technologies are developing at a dizzying pace and their convergence is making this acceleration even greater.

Leadership Skills - Season 2

How to make people, teams and entire organizations become a better version of themselves? Vivek Antonio, an experienced coach and leadership trainer, shows his perspective on Leadership through his stories, experiences, as well as proven tips and the best literature recommendations.

Change Management - Step by Step

70% of all change efforts fail. Google says so. That being true or false, this series will prepare you for leading a change effort that achieves lasting results. Tools- and methods-packed, it will support your endeavours every step of the way, whether you are a nominated change manager, a team manager or simply want to expand your understanding of change process.

Change Management

Managing change, not only in crisis situations, is one of the most desirable skills nowadays. Few of the leaders know the tools and methods to understand and then successfully, without unnecessary stress, go through all the phases of change, both for the team and the entire organization.

Problem Solving and Boardmeeting in Remote Teams

In the era of a pandemic, companies are forced to move their activities to the online world. Can remote check-in be as effective as those in the office or at GEMBA? Can problem-solving also be effectively done in a virtual way? Tymek Myśliwiec has collected all the necessary tools and his reliable methods to increase the efficiency of the entire company even when working remotely and not to postpone solving pressing problems until later.

Robotic Automation in the Office

The series shows how to automate work in the office environment. How to use Robotic Process Automation technology with the objective of improving the functioning of business processes. How to identify and prepare business processes for robotic automation? What are robots? An apocalypse for people on the labour market or maybe a chance to save time and support people’s actions?

Remote B2B Sales - Season 2

Learn how to effectively sell remotely. Gain necessary competencies and explore the tools needed for remote B2B sales.

Algorithms in Management - Season 2

The Algorithmic Management is an original, unique method that allows you to very effectively manage a team and act as a manager or leader. Using the algorithm, we can be sure that we will achieve the planned result in a short time, without making unnecessary mistakes.

Competency Matrix

Matryca kompetencji ma szerokie zastosowanie nie tylko w opisywaniu umiejętności potrzebnych w danym dziale, ale też świetnie nadaje się do motywowania pracowników.

Business Sketching - Season 2

Dowiesz się jak rysować postacie i jak obrazować ich emocje. Naucz się jak zobrazować cechy charakteru i zbuduj swój bank ikon przydatny w codziennym przekazie.

Total Communication - Season 1

Maciej Robakiewicz, an actor and a trainer will guide leaders through the art of preparing and conducting an interesting presentation, especially in front of the team. It will teach you how to be a charismatic orator, master your diction, movement and even stage fright, and how to use it for storytelling in your message.

Value Stream Mapping

This series is a treasury of knowledge about TWI (Training Within Industry). Thanks to 10 episodes by Krzysztof Dobrowolski, standards, instructions at work, building good relationships and improving your work and taking care of safety conditions will become easier. In the next 10-episode series, Krzysztof Dobrowolski also teaches how to use VSM (Value Stream Mapping), which can be used in the analysis of the production process. The author of the course shows how to look for losses and how to turn them into development projects, create shipment schedules or skillfully control production.

Good Feedback Course - Season 1

What is feedback and how to give it skillfully so that both the recipient and the sender do not feel bad? What are the rules for giving good feedback? Coaches Izabela Kazimierska and Maciej Robakiewicz show how to effectively give, receive and ask for feedback with the help of such methods, among others like the Coleman models.